First blog post

So in the last few months I came to the decision to have weight loss surgery and after stumbling upon numerous blogs/vlogs I decided to jump on said bandwagon. I’m hoping this will give me a place to help stay motivated, to gain perspective since I’m generally a very cynical person, hold myself more accountable than I have throughout my life so far, and also having my “safe space” to vent.

My progress so far has just been the typical start to the journey consisting of getting my referral from my PCP and having the consult with the bariatric group to get the pre-op checklist started. My checklist is fairly simple and consists of getting my PCP to sign off saying they’re on board with the surgery, having an appointment with the surgeon himself to make sure everything is copacetic, 3 months worth of dietitian appointments (which I’m actually really excited for), a psych appointment, standard pre-op lab work, an EDG, and most importantly losing weight on my own before then. From what I’ve read and researched nothing out of the ordinary just takes time but the ball is rolling and I’m trying to get ahead on whatever I can so I can coast through at the end. This decision comes after many years of not wanting to commit to having this surgery done for various reasons, but mostly because I didn’t want to accept that things were this bad even though they have been for many years. I’ve known I need to change my life and unfortunately due to circumstances I’ll address later I haven’t been able to commit to it, with this surgery, as well as the dietitian, I feel as if this will give me the huge boost to help me lead a healthier life.

Along this process I know there will be snags and while I’m great at rolling with the punches when it comes to most things there are times when I’m so dead set and fully committed to something that I’m not able to handle bumps as well as I should. Unfortunately I’ve already hit my first one with my PCP not wanting to sign off on the surgery as of now. She stated that since I’ve tried diet and exercise without huge changes that this surgery probably isn’t going to change much either. This came as a huge blow to my expectations that this step particular would be easy-peasy-lemon-squeezey seeing as how she had no problem giving me a referral and the surgeon who I’m seeing feels as if I’m a great candidate. Maybe I’m just stressing over nothing, its known to happen but we can get into that in another post, and everything will be fine in the end but it just seems to be such a simple step that even a stumble was not expect.

I feel like I’ve written a lot for a first post and will end it here after adding that in future posts I’d like to delve deeper into the whys for doing this, what caused my weight problems, trying to change my lifestyle as much as my weight, and more things as they pop into my head. As of right now my weight is 278.00 and my charted starting weight for this process was 279.6 (give or take a few tenths) and this afternoon is my first dietitian appointment so updates soon.



8 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. I think this is a wonderful way to support and motivate yourself on your journey. Proud of you. Xxx


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