Cliche “I’m training” Post

So I met with my surgeon yesterday (6-8-16 or 8-6-16 for my lone Brit!) instead of on Monday like I originally posted, I totally got the dates confused actually left work early and went to the office and they’re like “uhm your appointment is on Wednesday not today.” Apparently I’m just so excited and want to get this done like omg!!! But now the only things remaining on my checklist are my psych consult which I’m trying to get done in the next week, my EGD and swallow study which will be in July after my deductible resets, pre-op labs/chest x-ray, and then losing as much weight as possible (minimum of 6 lbs.) So with not as much to do and my appointments being spaced out there will be less posting about the process and more about why I’ve decided to get this done.

But to make this post a little more meaty, pun intended because food yum, I’ll go into what I’ve been doing myself to get ready for this thing called a vertical sleeve gastrectomy. So I’ve mentioned I’ve been wanting to get into cycling so I’ve started looking into getting a nice road bike because when doing shit do it all the way right!? That’s definitely a¬†going to be a pretty penny and I was all good with that until my lovely puppy Dapper McFlufferbottom (yes its her real name, yes Dapper is a lady) tore her cruciate ligament this past weekend. So if/when she needs surgery for that I’ll be scraping together the not so pretty pennies to make her well again and putting a hold onto the less needed things like pretty shiny road bikes. Next would be trying to eat better which if I had done all along we wouldn’t be here but fuck it. Food is yummy and I like it and it was my bff, now its the enemy and I’m trying to train my brain into thinking of it as fuel to go and not deliciousness that I get to enjoy everyday. That being said I know I won’t be perfect and have no desire to even aim for that I just want to be better and get to a place where splurging is an uncommon thing and not normal. So I’ve been eating smaller portions, eating healthier foods and much less snacking. I’m really trying to be as gung-ho as possible and hope it all sticks and stays for the long term but right now one day at a time.


So my starting weight at my first appointment was 279.6 lbs and yesterday at my follow up it was 274.8 lbs for a loss of 4.8 lbs over roughly the last two weeks. So I’m out for now another update soon(ish).

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