Since You’ve Been Gone

So I promised myself that I was going to do an entry every Monday from now on….. Yea that didn’t happen at all. I was on vacation last week and despite my best efforts pretty much said “eehhhhhhhh I’ll get to it later” and then it was the fourth of July and I actually worked so that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. That being said I’d LIKE to actually start updating weekly since post surgery it’ll be much more relevant and I’d like to get in the routine now.

So updates on the pre-op checklist we are down to just two more dietitian appointments (one of which is tomorrow 7/7) my barium swallow study (7/12) and my EGD (7/25) and then its time for the cut cut snip snip. Surprisingly so far it’s gone by fairly quickly but I just assume that’s due to doing so much upfront and since the last month will only have the one dietitian appointment  I have feeling things will start to move at a snail’s pace but we shall see.

Today I weighed in at 275.0 a gain of 2.5 since the last post which fucking sucks. Being on vacation last week and having a tragic death of a family pet I let my feelings take over my eating habits which I had been very good at controlling up until then. I know a lot of people won’t understand losing a pet being a tragedy but my dogs have always been close family to me and after 13 years it hit me very hard and food and alcohol are my go to coping mechanisms so here we are. Now I get to deal with the consequences of it by having my dietitian call me out at our appointment today for a weight gain, and its deservedly so. I most definitely have to get my ass back on track and buckle down because bad times are going to happen and I can’t keep turning to food.

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