Just a quickie

So not much else going on, getting back on track with after the vacationing debacle. Weighed in at 271.00 this morning with a starting weight of 279.6 and one of these days I may actually remember that number instead of having to look it up every time I write one of these. Tuesday this past week I went for my video esophogram to check swallowing function and found that I have a small hiatal hernia so that will get repaired during surgery to help with post-op GERD problems. A week from Monday I have my Endoscopy and then just waiting until August 15th for my last dietician appointment. Once that’s done my surgeron’s office will submit my request to my insurance and then we wait and see, but since no one is foreseeing any complications I’m of the mindset that surgery will be going down sometime around early to mid September.

I’m not as excited as I once was it seems, well its not that I’m NOT excited I’m just kinda going through the motions and wanting to get it all done with now. I’m dreading early post-op so I really just want to be done with that and back to normal already, but I’m just one impatient individual is all. I am very excited that I am and will continue to lose weight and become healthier I just want to get to that point already I guess. I’ve decided that once I get down to my plateau weight that I’m rewarding my changes with a new custom suit, I’ve never really owned a suit and have always wanted one so that’s what I’m doing. Although with my addictions to buying things/shopping one has to be careful to not become too much of a Dapper Dan because one is not made of money.

Anyhow, there really isn’t much else going on so unless something post worthy happens or comes to mind there probably wont be an update until after my EGD on the 25th. So enjoy yourself people and here’s a song to help along the way.

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