It’s All Over But The Liquid Dieting

So yesterday I did my last step of the pre-op appointments and my surgeon’s office will be submitting everything for my insurance’s approval. Supposedly this takes about 3-5 days and then we’ll know if we’re good to go and can schedule a date for the surgery finally, which if everything goes according to plan should be mid September. So now I just twiddle my thumbs and wait and see and can dread the liquid dieting, both before the surgery and after, so that should be a few weeks of super fun awesomeness. I feel like I should apologize to everyone I know profusely ahead of time because I have a feeling I’m going to be one cranky-ass mother fucking asshole its either that or banish myself to a deep dark hole and just keep to myself.


Oddly enough while writing the last paragraph the surgeon’s office just called to confirm that submitted everything to the insurance but she had to end the call with “let’s keep our fingers crossed” which TOTALLY has me anxious now. This whole time I’ve been super chill and not worried since I meet the criteria for my insurance’s approval and the office told me that they have a very high approval rate, around 98%, whether that’s hyperbole or not who knows. The criteria I was told I had to meet was either 1) over a 40 BMI or 2) 30-39 BMI with another health indicator (hiatal hernia, diabetic, hypertension) and since my cute but meets the first one along with hypertension and a hernia I figured it was clear sailing. But since I’m a worrier and overthink everything I’m now a crazy person for the next 3-5 days all because she told me to keep my fingers crossed, insert not nice name for a person who was just trying to be nice, by the by fuck anxiety issues. So at my final pre-approval weigh in I came in at 269.8 lbs with a starting weight of 279.6 so almost 10 lbs, and with that liquid diet coming I guess some more will come off. Here’s to hoping they let me have an alcohol liquid diet! (I kid, but no really)

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