T-minus 6 days

So today I got a call from the surgeon’s office asking me if I could come by soon and start my liquid diet since my surgery was going to be soon along with weekly weigh-ins to see how much it helped. Still didn’t have insurance approval BUT “let’s go ahead and get it started.” Super not looking forward to that since it was seeming like they wanted me on it for longer than just a week like we initially talked about, not to mention the fact that they said insurance approval would take 3-5 days and today made day 8 without hearing from yay or nay from insurance (other than to say that they had the forms). As I was driving to the office in a rather grumpy mood (longer than a week diet? work sucks lately? couldn’t get these new sneakers I wanted in my size!?!) I got ANOTHER call from the surgeon’s office to tell me that insurance had FINALLY accepted my claim and we were good to go. So I get to the office and they go over a list of things with me such as making sure they had all my meds on file, see how my diet was, when I’d like to do my surgery, etc and they say well we can do the surgery next week if you want, etc. Well we go over all this and I tell them that I need a couple of weeks notice so I can give work time to fill my shift and not make them scramble to find coverage.

So after all this I’m waiting around the lobby for them to get my meal supplement drinks ready and we’re discussing my requested surgery dates and they inform me that my surgeon is about to go out-of-town so it’s not looking likely that I’ll be able to do the surgery when I want and if I’d be okay waiting til he came back which would be the last week of Sept. I sit around and said fucking hell in my mind knowing I’m not super patient and I’m pretty much over this process and I’m not liquid dieting longer than a week much less coming in for weekly weigh-ins and ask to borrow a phone to call my boss at work. So I get her on the line and ask her if I had surgery on Sept 1st would it screw you over too badly? Well she’s been super supportive through my whole process, not to mention her husband has had the same procedure, and says “you do it we got you (paraphrasing of course, she’s a manager she doesn’t really talk like that)” and I say fuck it let’s do this shits in 6 days.

So here I am. Sitting in a bar. Having a beer. My last (few) beers for the next few weeks. Gonna eat me some food for the last time for the next few weeks. And then I get sliced and diced on Sept 1st. This has been a whirlwind day, I’m still kinda processing the whole thing and haven’t really accepted it all. But in 6 days this pimple comes to a head, gets popped, and just has to heal. I’m actually giddy about it and excited for the first time in months. So here’s to 3-4 weeks of no actual food in my belly after tonight, no alcohol after tonight, and to a couple of weeks off work to recuperate.

Welp kids I’ll probably update sometime right before or after the cutting and gutting. See you soon!

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