So tomorrow is the surgery. I guess its weird because its just now settling in that I’m doing this. I’m not scared or excited really but starting to get anxious, but that’s just my general anxiety issues I’m assuming since its been heightened in general lately. Apparently making jokes about “ill see you soon if I don’t die” is in bad taste but I’m the one getting cut open so I’m not really sure I care about their delicate sensibilities and will continue with my macabre sense of humor.

The liquid diet has made me cranky and want to eat every damn thing there ever was even if its not something I’d ever be interested in generally. But I’ve held strong so far and just have today to finish the pre-op part of it and hopefully it isn’t as bad post-op. That being said whoever has had to do this longer than a week before is the real MVP, because this shit is a test of wills. I’m generally not hungry but the fact that I can’t eat just makes me pissy and its hard to be around others when they are eating. But that’s about all for now I think otherwise I’ll just ramble about stupid shit.

PCP referral visit – 282

Surgeon consult – 279

Today – 264

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