So it’s been two weeks now…Or had been when I started this….

I went into this whole thing planning on documenting all the big changes expecting it to help me process and the changes. Well lo and behold I literally haven’t said much of anything since the actual surgery. There’s lots of little reasons as to why I haven’t and I just just succumbed to it all and said “fuck it, this isn’t that important and not that many people actually care” and just started processing it all internally. That being said I have had a few of my closer friends regularly checking in with my and getting updates and I am so appreciative of them and their actions, most especially to my mother who is the stereotypical doting mother who loves taking care of her family and it means the absolute world to me. Anyway lets just on to the brass tacks of shit that’s happened since.

So lets start with immediate recovery. I went into this procedure overly confident I guess and wasn’t expecting much if any kind of major setbacks from the procedure. And once my meds started wearing off and I started to succumb to the discomfort I was in for. The pain wasn’t the worst but wasn’t fun thankfully it was kept in check with the awesome pain meds, and all praise to my nurse that night Meca because she was a saint. It wasn’t the pain killer induced narcotic coma one would love to embrace BUT it allowed me to get some sleep while it was coursing through my veins up until it would start to run out. Other than that I remember struggling to pee, and catching snippets of Grey’s Anatomy reruns that were on until like 3 am.

I came home the day after surgery and the following days were pretty much the same lots of soreness, trying to stay hydrated, and sleeping in a reclining chair which is fucking terrible if I must say so. And then around a week post surgery hell started to set in….             So my appetite came back and at this point I had been on a liquid diet for about two weeks with another week to go and holy fucking hell was I grumpy about it. It was something I couldn’t get off my mind I felt like an addict looking for my next fix and being unable to get it, every free moment thinking about all the delicious foods I love and miss and want in my mouth. This is what happened to me for close to two weeks and this is why I wanted the surgery. No matter how hard I dieted or worked out or changed I would always have these desires and I am definitely addicted to food, and its not healthy foods.

Now that I can actually start eating soft foods things have gotten a lot better mentally for me physically on the other hand I am adjusting slowly to my new stomach. Always needing to eat slower, smaller bites, and much less. Getting uncomfortably full isn’t fun and I don’t want to ruin anything but I seem to be getting better at it daily. Ironically even though I’m eating so little my weight loss has kind of stalled and I’m hovering around 246 lbs, its been a little concerning but I really haven’t been doing anything since the surgery, but I go back to work tomorrow so I’m assuming the activity will help spur things again.

PCP weight 282

Consultation weight 279

Pre-op weight 254

Today 246

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